Writing a mission statement for your marriage

When Steven and I got married, we read so many books and articles about how to have a great marriage, a strong marriage, and a successful marriage.

creating a marriage plan

How important is God to our marriage? When committed to it, post it in a prominent place in your home. This goes with Romans Take time to pray and quiet your hearts and minds to hear the Lord.

Start with a mission.

Vision of getting married

As the years go by—it helps to keep you on track. Here is our MMS. What does he bring to the table? It does not keep track of wrongs. Identify your core values, hopes, dreams, and ideals. Blackham, please read about her exclusive intensive marriage therapy retreats. What is important to you in terms of saving, tithing, and becoming debt free? Use nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Answer this question separately and then come together to share your answers. We will not allow anyone to tear apart what God has joined together. Pray individually and together and ask the Lord to stir your hearts to create a marriage that He can be proud of. Without His Word, and without the guidance that comes from His Word, we perish. We will forgive each other as Christ has forgiven us.

So pray that the Lord would be a banner over your relationship and your home. Identify your core values, hopes, dreams, and ideals. Keep it simple. Think of phrases that capture what your family is about.

secular marriage mission statement

It reflects who we are, where we are going, and who we desire to be as a couple. List your goals or dreams.

writing a mission statement for your marriage
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