Working in partnership in health in social care essay

Importance of Meaningful Dialogue between Professionals and Service Users People working together in a specific group are known as partnership working. A simple illustration of this could be a person suffering from mental disorder might require several social and health care workers to work well together.

The organizations should also develop appropriate strategies that aim at improving mutual understanding between the partnering organizations.

coalition model of working in partnership

It results in the promotion of transparency and sincerity among the population, which results in the improvement of service quality 2.

The selected group of primary, secondary and territory health care professionals have been effectively shaped as partners to give high calibre of clinical networks.

Regrettably, this did not happen as the nurses were unwilling to share power with their patients. First, most organizations in working partnerships have been suffering from lack of adequate understanding between the partners.

Fifthly, at the early stages of development of partnership working, most organizations are usually reluctant to commit their time to the arrangement. In return, the users will be more satisfied. Secondly, most organizations in working partnerships are often faced with conflicts.

In my view, partnership working between organizations is very vital for effective delivery of healthcare services. Contrasts may emerge which need to be addressed; generally strains emerge that restrain mix.

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Work in partnership in health and social care Essay Example