Wild boar farming business plan

Wild boar farming business plan

Price is important in this market but my customers mostly make their purchase decision on quality. Fresh graduate in veterinary medicine, animal science, food science, butchering, sale and marketing will be employed and further trained at a minimal cost. Local pig farmers hold greater percentage of the market share. Free samples to food packing companies and restaurant will be used to increase customer interest. Wheel barrow 10 8. I am innovative, motivated and persistent in any thing that I venture in life in order to achieve success. Materials and equipment required for the construction of pig housing structures and buildings can be bought from hardwares and other shops which specialize in selling agricultural inputs. So ten bundles will cost N, These companies will be encouraged to put pork in their menu, and will be sold to customers. What you need Land for Pig Farming Business To start your piggery business, you require a large enough area for erecting the necessary pig sty and other farm buildings.

Also, add all the minerals and vitamins to it for making it more nutritious. They will be searched and located and their contact kept in our record. Pigs have a high survival rate and also have the ability to utilize a host of agro- industrial bye — products and crop residues with little or no processing and minimal cost.

pig farming business plan free download pdf

The customers will come to the farm to purchase live pigs. I will also by 3 in 1 printer. Overlooking competition. There is a plan for continuation of the business if I am dead, or incapacitated.

Pig farming business plan free download

For the most successful organization of the company in the project describes the technology of growing pigs fed diets and forage base. The disadvantage allows for minimum overhead, low labor requirements, and of marketing through an auction barn is that producers are at no long-term commitment. The feeder-to-finish operation the mercy of the hog supply available and the demand for offers an opportunity for a grain farmer to use homegrown hogs on the local market that day. So, they are considered as the best one since this business is totally based on the meat production. Nail and other miscellaneous cost N 10, All the pig farmers are my targeted customers because of the production technique in artificial insemination in pig production to be used. I plan to stick with this specialized business that I know best unless fatally defective Dishonestly, theft, shrinkage: I intend to implement the same policies that have been proven by Panock Piggery and Poultry Farm, one of my biggest competitors. I believe in paying my workers well so that they are motivated. Paying my employee too much

It can be bought from the market or can be prepared at home. I will ensure that the following requirements are achieved.

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