What could nestle have done to have avoided the accusations of killing third world babies and still

In affluent countries mothers interpret the code and how best to implement specific provi- can be told to bottle feed their children.

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First, the nutritional quality of the native gruels is be put into effect. For a four-month-old baby, one can of formula their work schedules in fields or factories will not permit should have lasted just under three days.

In some cases, bottles were also supplied. Muskie, was composed of eminent clergy and scientists. Clever radio jingles extol the wonders of the billion, has been the subject of an international boycott. Due to the high cost of fuel for boiling water, mothers also often prepared large batches of formula at one time, then stored it without refrigeration. Traditional native weaning foods are usually made a voluntary code. Finding adequate locally pro- tions and issued revised instructions to field personnel. The Accountability. Were they ethical? Should Nestle change its promotion practices? Questions 1. The case originally appeared in the fifth edition of this text. Bottles were also washed in cold water. If so, how? If not, why not?

How might they have better done this? Nestle also argues that many women in the Third World need the convenience of bottle feeding due to heavy work schedules in the field when they are not available to breast feed their babies.

For both the Filipino and U. The cies. At that an understanding of the proper use of their products reached moth- time, INBC announced its suspension of boycott activities, and ers, particularly in rural areas. Muskie, was composed of eminent clergy and scientists. Infant formula provides a safer alternative to many of the local substitutes, often prepared with contaminated water or of products with insufficient nutrition for the babies. The company says it has always encouraged breast feeding as the best way to feed a baby and it demonstrated this with samples of literature promoting breast feeding. Further, in even the most infected areas, to aid in determining the need for supplies in hospitals. These include herbal teas and river—which also serves as the local laundry and toilet— concoctions of rice water or corn water and sweetened, formula-fed babies came down with recurring attacks of condensed milk. Unfortunately, very few such codes were forth- low. Questions 1. Later pamphlets included a discussion of breastfeeding and depicted pictures of both breastfeeding and bottle feeding mothers. Assume you are the one who had to make the final decision Were the decisions socially responsible? Other weaning foods found in use are to distribution of free product samples or gifts to physicians who crushed crackers, sugar and water, and mashed bananas. These pamphlets discussed proper and improper ways to bottle feed a baby. What are the responsibilities of companies in this or similar situations?

Could Nestle have avoided the accusations and the boycott and still effectively marketed infant formula in the Third World? The eight-page code urged a worldwide ban on by mixing maize, rice, or millet flour with water and then promotion and advertising of baby formula and called for a halt cooking the mixture.

what are the responsibilities of companies in this or similar situations

The claim formulas in the Third World.

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CASE Nestlé: The Infant Formula Controversy