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The car wash industry is project to grow to about 7.

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The program is designed to ensure that our employee-customer interactions are as positive as possible. Minimum Investment Required by Each Investor Again, we will not set a bottom limit on the size of investments.

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Unique Aspects of our Strategy We plan to market our car wash utilizing four primary mediums: Discount coupon mailings to selected ZIP Codes, radio and cable television spots, and cross promotions with local area merchants which will allow us to tap into their firmly established customer bases. The sales staff will be responsible for operation of the cash register and the accessory sales area. Buying Habits of Customers In talking with hundreds of people in our target area over the past eighteen months, we have determined there is an enormous need for a car wash facility in this area. Characteristics Our target market is the most densely populated area in the city and is comprised of a diverse mixture of ethnic and economic groups. We intend giving our customers every reason to always come back, which is why we have customized our services. In the future, governmental efforts to purify the area's bodies of water may result in legislation eliminating the release of soap, oil, waxes and other contaminants into storm drains by people washing their cars at home. Twenty-six to sixty-five year olds, white collar workers, and mothers with children utilize conveyor facilities. Second, there are no car wash competitors in the area. Additionally, the chemicals used by the washing process are specifically engineered to be completely biodegradable and environmentally safe. While these adjunct washes will not compare to our facility in service or quality, they are less expensive and at times more convenient. The chosen location of The Dirt Buster is indeed superior, and our excellent service will guarantee the development of a strong clientele base. Currently, there is not a car wash facility within a 4. In addition, the company will seek to attract the area's growing commuter traffic.

Soapy Rides' ability to provide a high quality service, both in regards to the actual washing as well as customer service is all based on their ability to find the best employees.

The target market's population should be at least 30, people. We will provide employment opportunities for area residents, as well as a much needed service to the community which protects and conserves our finite water resources.

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Market Segmentation Soapy Rides segments its customers by type of car ownership. Marketing Strategy Environmental Opportunities An issue of great concern in the area is water pollution. We coupled the information received from ICA with regionally specific data provided by regional car wash operators and government agencies. Financing Arrangement Collateral for Debt Issuance All equipment will be used as collateral for debt issuances, as well as the lease to the site location. Individually, our full-service package yields a profit margin of 8 percent, our Advanced Wash package yields a profit margin of 34 percent, our Deluxe Wash package yields a profit margin of 45 percent, our self-service wash yields a profit margin of 67 percent, and our vacuum service yields a profit margin of 87 percent. Competitive Factors Assessment of Leading Competitors Overview In our target market area we have no direct competition. In a business plan you have got to pay attention to the minutest of details that will help your brand in the long run. For example, to calculate our projected revenue, we used the industry's capture ratio of the percent of traffic count in any given 24 hour period which a business could expect to utilize its facilities.

The aim is to inform these customers that Soapy Rides will keep their car looking as good as it did the day they drove it off the lot. Ideally, a car wash should be situated on a thoroughfare which possesses a heavy volume of traffic, often referred to as "traffic count.

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That is why you have got to decide you want to do this, so that you can start out on the right footing. Over and above, car wash businesses all over the world are still enjoying good patronage particularly if they are well positioned and if they know how to reach out to their target market business, government and household et al. The ICA states that a car wash owner can expect to capture. Other Market Features Impact of the following: Economic Factors While the sluggish economy of the last few years has had a slightly negative impact on the car wash industry as a whole, more than half of the car wash owners surveyed by the International Car Wash Association Survey in and experienced an increase in levels of profitability. However, truth is that you too can write your own business plan without great hassle. We then used that number to calculate the project revenue we can expect to generate during our first year of business. On a customer's ninth visit to the car wash, he or she will receive a free basic wash. They like their cars to look presentable, and want to keep it in good shape but are not tied up in the look of their car. Soapy Rides has no true competitors that are trying to offer a high quality service for a reasonable rate. Ideally, a car wash should be situated on a thoroughfare which possesses a heavy volume of traffic, often referred to as "traffic count. The industry is open to both small entrepreneurs neighborhood car wash and big time investors Mr. Because the ICA has not established any industry ratios, there are none available to compare to the ratios generated in this business plan. To enter, a customer will fill out an entry card with name, address, and make and year of car. Our plan is to ensure that each employee receives the training necessary to be proficient in their assigned tasks.

This will enable us to provide our customers with the best possible service at the best possible price. This diverse economic and ethnic make-up supports our view that there is a strong demand in our market area for a complete car wash facility that possesses both full-service and self-service facilities.

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Retired people older luxury car owners are not restricted by typical work schedules so will be able to frequent the car wash during the week. Other Factors In careful examination of the car industry as a whole, the most important factor in an operation's profitability is location. However, a number of the car wash owners in the city shared their general revenue figures with us and four car wash operations we studied in depth gave us detailed monthly and yearly revenue and expense break-outs. The roof will consist of 2 x 4 pre-engineered steel beams with a pre-finished ribbed metal roof. Soapy Rides' ability to provide a high quality service, both in regards to the actual washing as well as customer service is all based on their ability to find the best employees. This in turn leads to an expected positive net income and an increase in owner's equity at the year's end. Expected annual return for debt financing is approximately 15 percent. It is the intention of the original partners to buy back all outstanding shares of stock within seven years.
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How to Open a Car Wash Business: 14 Steps (with Pictures)