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Write in an active voice. To apply the concept to news, think of the most important details as the widest layer of the pyramid, its foundation. Which form of journalism interests you?

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Rather, they relay facts, events and information to society in a straightforward, accurate and unbiased manner. Because of its high costs and inherently confrontational nature, this kind of reporting is often the first to suffer from budget cutbacks or interference from outside the news department. Azan, Malaysia I run low on my budgets and most of the weeks I am highly broke. These stories focus on hard-news topics but aren't deadline stories. Broadcast news Broadcast news is different from print news, because it is intended to be presented to a listening or viewing audience — and not to be read. It declares why the story is being published, what is the newest, most interesting, most important, most significant, most attention-grabbing aspect of the story. Updated Privacy Policy Myassignmenthelp features: Best quality guarantee : All our experts are pro of their field which ensures perfect assignment as per instructions. Now, let's rewrite it as it might appear online. Active not passive Always prefer the active tense in news writing, and particularly in intros. There's just something about a full page of writing on a computer screen that is unappealing, and opposite of how most people feel about the printed page. Stick to one fact per sentence and keep your vocabulary fairly simple.

The worst intro will be uncertain of what the story is all about and will contain several ideas. Suppose a tornado hits a community.

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You are doing a great job. When writing for broadcast news, the journalist should learn to construct the information in a way that is more conversational. So do not use them without explanation.

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