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This could be due to the difference in profiling and characteristics of the study population. Human development indicator.

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Hence, educating for eradication of malnutrition has also been difficult. Burk, The southeast part of district is almost the rural areas. The nutritional status of the children is poor. Medical nutrition therapy for neurologic disorders. Major types of nutritional problems in developing countries are under-nutrition and nutritional disorders which are resulting from inadequate food intake both in quality and quantity, particularly of calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals; and parasitic infection and disease. To ascertain the degree to which the data collection instruments will measure what they purposed to measure, the instruments will be validated by a group of professionals from Central Campus of Technology, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. Mini Nutritional Assessment in patients with Parkinson's disease: correlation between worsening of the malnutrition and increasing number of disease-years. Predictors of nutritional status among community-dwelling older adults in Wuhan, China. Inability to eat without assistance and difficulty self-eating were observed in 7. Assessment of the nutritional status and affecting factors of elderly people living at six nursing home in Urmia, Iran. Edema check for protein energy malnutrition PEM. Research Design and Methodology 2. Developing of country like Nepal is a kind of difficult job due to its tedious geographical distribution. Identifying the elderly at risk for malnutrition The Mini Nutritional Assessment. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr.

Nutritional screening in community-dwelling older adults: a systematic literature review. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Ferdous et al.

Their nutrition status directly affects the health status of the country.

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Exclusion criteria: - The study participants who are seriously ill 2. Footnotes Conflict of Interest: None declared. Jelliffe D. The questions asked to the respondent give the both qualitative and quantitative data. Pre-testing should be conducted in order to maintain accuracy and clarity of questionnaire, to check the consistency in interpretation of questions by respondents and to identify ambiguous item. Human Development Report. The study population will be children of 5 to 10 years aged children randomly selected and included in study. Research Design and Methodology The inability of elderly to take decisions about food intake Height measuring scale standiometer. Mini Nutritional Assessment. Questionnaire will be checked daily for completeness, consistency and clarity as mentioned earlier. Nutritional Neuroscience. However, a multidimensional approach is required at this moment to deal with these issues. This could be attributed to factors such as the role of women in the society and financial dependency which eventually affects nutritional status.

Graf C. This study had some limitations.

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Assessment of the nutritional status of the elderly and its correlates