The importance of not forgetting

why is remembering important

However, in reality all memories, even flashbulb events, are malleable; they change as a result of the passage of time. It is a channel for getting things both out of and into the system. Today, for example, I forgot to switch the lights off when I left the house, forgot to pick up a file I needed for work, forgot to save an email I meant to keep - the list goes on.

Of course I know that they are constantly accompanied by devices that access the cloud and can answer their queries. The only way I avoid losing my wallet and keys is that I have 1 place for them that I systematically put them knowing that I would otherwise not be able to find them again.

But it is also interesting that the role of memory in our everyday lives is changing as we move into a technology-dominated universe in which we use phones and other devices to store and access information that we once kept in our heads.

However when it come to pointless trivia it just sticks in my brain and i find, for example if i'm doing a pub quiz with my friends these seemly random answers pop out of no where and end up being correct.

Now the well-placed hammer strike is almost legendary when it comes to repair a failed piece of machinery, but considered less effective with computers.

I don't think my memory has ever been as sharp as it was before my illness. Consequently my house is full of junk I could have got rid of, but I want to hold on to those years, even if I've lost their memory.

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The Importance of Forgetting