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Ask your class to think of stories they have read or heard that have a moral or give advice. Students will be able to: Write narratives with the attributes of a fable while using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences.

Fables written by high school students

The teacher will ask for volunteers to fill out the first column, in which they apply the elements to the classic novel Animal Farm. Perhaps the other mice keep coming to help but get cross with the mouse and stop listening to him. Start the story by telling one sentence in your own words. Award up to two marks if the characters are animals with stereotypical qualities, such as a wise owl or a mischievous monkey. Have your class arrange their chairs in a circle. Kids can be inched toward stronger beginnings through examples. The teacher should inform students that note-taking is necessary in order to complete a formal writing assessment to ensure all students are copying down important information. For more on teaching with fables, visit my earlier blog post. Because fables are short stories with universally applicable morals, they are a good way to include literature in the ESL classroom. Now plan your story. At logical points in the story, ask your students how the characters probably felt , and have your class make faces to show these feelings. At this point in the year, I let them use simple transitions, such as next, meanwhile, and in the morning. If you can fill in the blanks, you can write a fable for this Fable Writing Contest.

Eventually a cat really chases the mouse but nobody comes to help and he is eaten. Improving Writing Techniques To improve writing early in the year, we focused on writing good beginnings and endings, beefing up our word choice, and using different sentence beginnings.

See attached Elements of a Fable chart for students and the Elements of a Fable chat teacher model.

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Start by dividing your class into groups of five students, and assign one fable to each group. With teacher guidance, students will fill out the "Elements of a Fable Chart". At logical points in the story, ask your students how the characters probably feltand have your class make faces to show these feelings.

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Teach your students to write fables with this great tool.