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It will be used on all documentation including visa information, your University card, transcripts and your degree certificate. Changing your name in the record The name that is recorded in the University's student records will be used throughout your time as a student at the University of Oxford.

Please avoid using the browser back button. The titles Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs are social titles and have no legal status.

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I'm having difficulties viewing the website, what should I do? As an applicant and student you will need to log into MyStudentRecord on a number of occasions in order to complete necessary tasks such as; updating your personal details, uploading any documents that we have asked you to provide, tracking your application or registration status, registering for your course etc.

Keeping your data secure Information and data security is taken very seriously at Oxford, and you can help keep your student record information secure, by choosing a secure passwords and storing devices out of sight of thieves.

This processing will take place before, during and after your studies at Oxford.

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Information is available to help you to understand the purposes for which the University will process your personal data. If you do not wish to use the title assigned to your student record, please contact your college to have your title amended from this list.

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What is a Student Record?