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Since this is a calligraphy forum, one assumes that your intention is to use a fountain pen for that purpose at least some of the time. Most of us myself included overuse our intellect and our mental attention simply because we have been patterned to do so. I've yet to hear a single report of a humble Pilot Metropolitan malfunctioning, but there's a certain very prestigious manufacturer which routinely sells pens with skippy nibs, and if you have the temerity to complain, they'll tell you that's how they should be.

They come in a variety of widths, sharpness of corners, and a few are even flexible. In a stub nib, the corners are more rounded than in a sharp broad nib used for decorative writing.

music nib

Click to send an email. Mostly, stubs come in three sizes of nib: small, medium and long.

pilot stub nib

Copperplate script and Spencerian script. Pointed nibs originated in the 17th century and were initially created by hand from quills in a similar fashion to broad-edge nibs. However, it does work for Hunt.

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Yukio Nagahara of Sailor Pens talks about the precision and strength of high