Spend analysis application and strategies

Lo and C. This will only list unique items. With companies making millions of purchases every year, there are those that are too small or too infrequent that often get neglected.

Spend visibility goes beyond tracking spending as it gives both a detailed and holistic picture of how money is moving through your company. This analysis warrants the ability to know whether a specific item is being purchased from various suppliers, or in several locations and different item prices.

Data extraction format The other thing to keep in mind is how data will be provided.

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Ensure contract terms are being fulfilled Verify that suppliers are delivering on their contracts, including turnaround times, quantities, and quality. Maverick Buying Quote average purchase order value spending distribution of the key customers material prices or material price changes total expenditure by supplier number of transactions and transaction distribution by currency spend by procurement function and the number of people involved per commodity Spend Analysis vs Spend Visibility Spend analysis is often viewed as part of a larger domain known as spend management.

So focus on important items and ensure they are correctly classified When it comes to classification of spend data, there are primarily two approaches — Use a third party tool for analysis.

Most of the spend analysis tools have basic features which can help with your spend analysis effort.

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