Sample letters to the government on pollution

In conclusion, I strongly believe that as President of The United States, you should take control of environmental issues concerning pollution.

One cannot escape the fact that rising dieselization of private transport explains the pollution levels reaching dizzying heights in our major cities.

Sample letters to the government on pollution

Air Pollution causes many problems, but the most common effect is fog or haze. It is the equivalent to three million people worldwide dying each year. In the secondly place, environment protection needs everyone attention. Which brings me onto my next point. There is no effective treatment and no one is immune. The amount of pollution in big cities and even small towns can contribute to diseases and ailments like cancer and asthma as well as shorter life expectancy. Although many still do not believe pollution is a major issue in America, will you take charge and make the right decision regardless of popular opinion and political parties? If the U.

Our diesel-fired vehicles have to adhere strictly to EURO 6 on tailpipe emissions which is the international norm. Thus, I am firmly convinced that we are an important part of the link. It will probably take 25 years plus to begin to show, but it is probable that the increase in respiratory diseases is largely due to the present levels of particulate matter in the air we all breathe.

complaint letter about environmental pollution

I wrote a letter to our next president regarding pollution issues in our nation. So I ask you, what will you do to fix this matter? What will you do?

letter of complaint about water pollution
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Air Pollution by Jacob