Role of distance education to impart

On the other hand, Distance Education is a type of learning program provided by various universities to those students who are not present at the site. Instead of being delivered by the postal service to a postal address, e-mail is delivered by Internet software through a computer network to a computer address.

explain the role of technology in achieving open and distance education

The internet is the largest, most powerful computer network in the world, which comprises of millions of computers with Internet addresses that are used by millions of people of various places and countries.

As the main objective of education is to promote the well-being of the people in a country, the higher education providers should try to increase the capacity of the people by enhancing their skills in various sectors like the sciences, medicines, engineering, management, agriculture, including the other vocational sectors.

In this regard, nobody can deny the fact that skill-based higher education is a prerequisite for a developing country. The adult literacy rate for the female in rural areas is Again, if we make an analysis of the enrollment trend in different ODL institutions across India, we find that the number has grown at a very fast rate, as we can surmise from Table IV.

role of technology in open and distance education

The post-independence era, after recording a major achievement soon after independence, produced rather later, towards the end of the 20th century, a number of weak ODL structures which nevertheless are gradually strengthening their roots.

Some of these reasons are population over-growth, economic liberalisation and globalisation, popularity of global-lifelong learning as well as blended learning, quick expansion of multimedia technology, inclusive growth, need of manpower planning for creating knowledge enabled population and so on.

Technological Developments and Future of Education The rapid growth of JCT will be so common that these will be readily available to learners.

role of media in distance education

For men who were older or were too busy with family responsibilities, night schools were opened, such as the YMCA school in Boston that became Northeastern University. Most of the adult remedial education classes ran high school secondary school level learning programmes and are by that token institutions that prepared numerous candidates for university or tertiary education.

The project actually comprises two main components, namely, the Tele-Education and the Tele-Medicine components.

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Distance education