Reflection on mentoring a student

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Wallace, B. A number of mentorship roles have been discussed by Thompson including; sharing personal thoughts, feelings and intuitive practice, being aware of own strengths and weaknesses and their effects on others, and being sensitive to a students needs. Watson undertook a qualitative ethnographic study to investigate the mentoring experience and perceptions of pre-registration student nurses. Journal of Advance Nursing, Hull, C. The practitioner-teacher: a study in the introduction of mentors in the pre-registration nurse education programme in Wales: Part 1. Thompson, S. S Hinchliff ed. London: Further Education Unit.

Despite feeling extremely nervous that I may let her down by not encompassing the necessary knowledge and experience to assist her through her placement, I felt eager to prove my capability and to learn more about the mentorship process. Personal attributes of the mentor is sometimes the number one barrier when creating an effective learning experience.

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Nursing Standard, 19 5. Nursing Standard, 20 5. It may be thought that it should have been better to tell the Student Teacher to prepare more consciously the key concepts of the lesson next time.

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I have also updated the student booklet and have suggested providing the students with these prior to the placement with an invitation for them to visit the unit in advance, should they wish to do so.

Placement goals and etiquette. London: Stanley Thornes.

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Increasing the salience of ones best selves can undermine inspiration by outstanding role models. Menlo Park: Addison Wesley. Priest, H. Nurse Education in Practice, 5: Reflection: a flawed strategy for the nursing profession. Mathers, N. Randall E. A study by Watson supports the use of reflective learning contracts as an assessment tool although this has been criticised on ethical grounds. This certainly defies the CODP standards for mentorship preparation and also contradicts the two separate codes of professional conduct HPC However, as both mentorship and the reflective process are evolving phenomenon, it was felt significant to include reference to material, both recent and classic. Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Not only do you get an insight into how it would be if one were to go into the field of teaching, but how it feels when the roles are reversed.

Neary a explains that to reflect in a way that enables them to understand and learn through their experiences, students will need advice and guidance from their mentors.

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Reflection on mentoring a student

Rogers maintains that students are more likely to succeed once they have identified, individual needs and feel confident in their ability to achieve them. I will begin with a brief introduction to mentorship before covering my main topics which will be; The mentor student relationship, and the process of giving feedback. Personally I thought it went very well, having planned my session and using the 4 stage approach, it gave me and Helen a greater understanding of the process and also has given me more confidence for further experiences. Rowntree, D. Hinds PS. Powell, J. Preferred teaching and learning strategies. This setting also ensured that Helen had my full attention during the teaching session. Eaton, A. Oxford: Blackwell Science. Analysing qualitative interview data: addressing issues of reliability and validity. Having been in leadership roles for over 22 years of my life, I can assure you I am not the same leader today, that I was 20 years ago. Prior to the assessment I discussed with Helen the varying techniques that colleagues use and how they may differ,however, I informed Helen I will show her how to scrub correctly in the format used by the scrub nurse team in our department. Nurse Education in Practice, 5:
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Reflection on Mentorship Essay