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You should probably begin to consider getting it published. Anything that is useful only for examiners e. Furthermore, peer review is an integral component of publication. This means that you cannot publish as you go along. To them you are proving your own expertise and originality. An abstract is a concise summary of your research problem, methods, and key findings and is usually under words. Beyond those core questions, potential authors should also consider significant and ongoing changes to the market for academic books, notably in reader behavior.

Significant: Why does it matter to your potential audience? If you intend to lift a certain section out of your PhD to submit it to a journal as an article, be aware that you might need to recontextualize the piece.

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Finally, you will most likely have to reconsider the ways in which you embedded your quotations, and fill in all your references — footnotes or endnotes. Some universities require that students publish this final research in peer-reviewed journals prior to being considered eligible to graduate.

According to COPE guidelineswhen thesis contains original unpublished work, it should not be considered as prior publication.

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Is it scholars, critics or theorists? You will, however, have to get membership to browse their database. Anything that is useful only for examiners e. If for now, you decide to opt for publishing an article, this page will suggest a few points to consider. The introduction in a thesis is used to show that you are familiar with the literature in your chosen field. Where do I start? For example, www.

Discuss results in context with your problem statement-that is the focus of your paper. You may have participated in a conference and the organizers of this conference have invited you to submit an article for the proceedings or a collection of the different papers given.

Don't rely on being an entirely original genius, but engage in a written discussion with your colleagues, respecting and responding to all the great ideas that are already in circulation.

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It is important to recognize that an article is much shorter than the thesis. When it comes to disseminating research originating from a PhD, this relationship is essential.

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You might develop one chapter into a journal article or book chapter, or you might expand the whole thing into a book-length manuscript. Well done! These are all highly expert readers who know the field to which you are contributing. Check whether they might be appropriate. If they don't, ask them given that they may be operating to a tight timetable, check when is a good time to go through this with them. Not just on your primary material, but scan existing secondary publications on the subject, in particular recent ones. Use your data to tell a coherent story and avoid sweeping conclusions your data cannot support. Think about the overall narrative of the book and be prepared to rethink the structure — this can be liberating! Developing your thesis for publication Your thesis was written for a specific purpose and a specific audience, so it's definitely going to require revision to make it suitable for publication. Perhaps approach the series editor directly via email or letter. It is valuable for the researcher, who has spent countless hours carrying out the work and it is valuable to those deciding whether the research should result in the award of a PhD qualification. Rather, journals will consider these theses and dissertations that were published by universities as, understandably, still sufficiently novel data.

In some areas, journal articles may be more effective: seek advice from your examiners and supervisor about this. The data in this section should be only what you need to support your research problem or hypothesis.

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