Prison programs

Given that about 95 out of every incarcerated people eventually rejoin society, [1] it is crucial that we develop programs and tools to effectively reduce recidivism.

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The project elevates culture, and aims to introduce artists to the arts industry and increase self-sufficiency. Inmates who are coping with chronic mental illness or developmental disorders can participate in treatment activities if deemed appropriate by the jail's medical health care provider. What if our justice systems treated victims of violence who harm others as also deserving of healing? People on short sentences are generally not in prison long enough to access and complete a prison program. Recent research on prison education programs presents discouraging statistics on the current recidivism rate. The private cells are meant to provide the mentors with space for honest, one-on-one talks with the younger men. A high correlation exists between the level of education attained by an incarcerated person and his or her recidivism rate. Thank you.

Dannel P. Corrections professionals report that Houses of Healing is the most effective program they have seen for prisoner growth and transformation. Building prison programs that heal all victims, including those who have injured others, is consistent with the recognition that people who commit crimes are often survivors of crime themselves.

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Messenger Prisons are full of people who were once victims of violence and abuse. It can be used on its own, or to complement other existing prison counseling efforts such as alcohol and drug abuse, stress and anger management, and life skills development.

Houses of Healing is being taught by hundreds of corrections professionals, chaplains and volunteers in prisons, jails and reentry programs across the country and abroad.

Prison programs

I also visited this facility in July Information about some of the specific programs which are available to prisoners can be accessed from this page.

My educational level can influence whether my twin sons aspire to be criminals or whether they have the self confidence to pursue occupations that challenge their minds.

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The availability and effectiveness of prison programs