Mr and ms intrams script 2014

Intrams is… Jera : Congratulations to all the winners!

master of ceremony script for seminar

Please welcome, Mr. Look at our audience Ms. Bernardino Gabiana.

Mr and ms intrams script 2014

Jera : Our 1st runner ups are candidate number…. I know that the next part of the pageant is the most teasing and the most watched that every ball of the human eye never blinks. Bernardino Gabiana. The crowd looks very excited. A round of applause for our candidates please. I know that they have shown their genuine talents making each and every one of them stand out on their own. All: Ladies and Gentlemen.. Intrams While the tabulators are busy computing. Here is the Talent Portion Joan : Thank you candidates. Friends, let us lend our ears to the dynamic dean of the college, Dr. They will be introduced to us by Mrs.

Candidate no. Our spectators have their own bets on who will win this prestigious pageant. He was also a visual consultant for Giorgio Armani and Chanel cosmetics.

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Borja, for his inspirational talk. Our best in Brazilian Attire award goes to Mr. Jera : There you have it ladies and gentlemen. A: No doubt, you are referring to the swimsuit competition. Please welcome, Mr. To the search for AMS Mr. Joseph Benedicto Aloysius Montelibano. Intrams

F: Friends, what about a big round of applause for the candidates as they walk with elegance and peace in the formal wear competiton with the touch of Ilocano style.

Elton Montecillo to present the award for Best in Casual Wear. You will see them in their own attractive way as they march around once again. Jera : Yes, the most nerve-rocking moment.

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