Moral and spiritual values in education

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Moral laws can be understood as moral principles or as something like mathematical, logical, or scientific laws in the sense that they are discovered, not invented or fabricated. One does not apply the brakes in order to please God, though God may be pleased.

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It is a mistake because it causes unnecessary suspicions about the moral values, moral character, and moral behavior of other people along religious or denominational lines; and it is a mistake because it unnecessarily keeps moral education out of secular schools where it is mistakenly thought to be an intrusion of religion into those schools.

The first sentence of the massive statement of the Educational Policies Commission of the National Education Association in stated that "A great and continuing purpose of education has been the development of moral and spiritual values.

Many adults have naive views about how science is conducted, about the nature of history and the causes and meanings of historical events, and about the nature of arithmetic and concepts in it.

Importance of spiritual values

It raises issues of core values as you go along, but those core values have to do with things far more basic than just issues of life and death, honesty, obedience, loyalty, etc. All but two of them gave it up because they saw they didn't really believe it. Louis with Dr. There is a definable substratum of principles which underlies the great religious cultures in America, and within whose limits teachers should consider themselves free to deal in the classroom. What the teaching profession most needs, and without which all the talk about integrating religion and education remains sterile, is a growing number of men and women who instinctively communicate what they cherish because religious principles are the bedrock of their own lives. At present, most people assume that corruption, bribery and nepotism are part of life. Making them feel comfortable enough to pursue such a discussion is not always easy or possible. They need our help in this competition for the soul of America.

The emphasis today is on material development, production of a large variety of consumer goods and on raising economic standards. Without clarification of the usage intended, ambiguity often causes confusion or unnecessary disagreement.

Moral and spiritual values in education

On the contrary, public schools have become the bulwark of American democracy and one of the principal instruments of unity in a melting pot of nations. I don't know.

Spiritual education

I quote from her own preamble of objectives. They should develop nationalistic feelings; create awareness about the problems related to food, water, energy environment, pollution, health and population and give equal importance to all students irrespective of caste, sex and money. I had a really difficult time keeping from laughing as I made this sound more and more abusive, waiting for them to argue. Of course not. Without clarification of the usage intended, ambiguity often causes confusion or unnecessary disagreement. However, this is a mistake resting on an ambiguity of the word "law". How do we know that a personal Deity is essential to any authentic concept of religion? He would take a chainsaw at first, and then hand tools, to a huge block of ice until he had carved some exquisite, often delicately looking, figure, such as a swan.

Religion as Intrinsic to Learning Experiences. The meaning of terms such as 'good', 'bad', 'right', 'wrong', 'duty', 'ought', 'obligation', 'motive', 'consequences', 'intentions', etc.

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It might possibly excuse you for doing it, but it does not justify your doing it. Is that a Christian value just because it might be a value in the Christian religion? After a year or so, with no real change in her condition, she one day seemed to be having a heart attack and became unconscious. It is our privilege to cooperate in this realization. Below are topics that I believe are important to include in an ethics course. What is required in doing moral philosophy is a willingness to go below the surface and to see what is really at issue, in as specific terms, and with as specific reasons as you can give. Let me give some examples. This fact emphasizes the importance of having teachers in the classroom who personally appreciate what they academically understand, in order to give their students the full benefit of a balanced integration of religious values. I will discuss the real problems at the end of this essay. I will return to this in the discussion of "Sunday School vs. Normative ethics: seeking the highest ethical principles and values: A. Students are exposed to excessive knowledge today without discrimination for good and bad. Education being a dynamic and deep impacting ingredient of social life is not an exception and is proceeding towards a new horizon through globalisation.

His moral conduct, therefore, is to be measured by its agreement or discord with the order established by the Creator in the universe.

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