Medical testing on the incarcerated

But what about the scientific and practical issues relating to the use of prisoners in research?

medical testing on death row inmates

Thus, there is little or no administrative recourse for prisoner test subjects who are victims of unethical research studies. They also ran a profitable prison blood plasma operation; a similar program in the Arkansas prison system was the subject of an award-winning documentary called "Factor 8.

Gostin, the chairman of the panel that conducted the study and a professor of law and public health at Georgetown University, said he hoped to change that.

Medical Histories — do we have them for prisoners? But I don't want to talk about it any more. If it were morally acceptable to conduct medical testing on violent criminals, would it also be morally acceptable to eat them?

In45 C. Kligman and Paulsen, in their subsequent comments regarding their research protocols, have shown no apparent remorse or responsibility for the pain and suffering they inflicted on prisoner subjects during or after their experiments.

prisoners used in experiments

They removed a layer of skin from his back and put on very painful chemicals. In Conclusion, No Overall, we see that it would not make scientific sense to replace many of the animal studies with human experiments.

human experimentation

Issues of choice, good science and the benefit of new treatments complicate the question.

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Should prisoners participate in medical research trials?