Malcolm x was born malcolm little

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In response to the outrage this statement provoked, Elijah Muhammad ordered Malcolm to observe a day period of silence, and the break between the two leaders became permanent. This is not to say that Malcolm came to embrace the doctrine of integration; he did not. When America entered World War II, Malcolm was sixteen, too young for the army, but by lying about his age, he was able to get a job on the railroad, the war having caused a shortage of black porters, cooks, and waiters. A criminal life Living with his sister in Boston, Massachusetts, Malcolm worked as a shoeshine boy, a busboy, and a waiter. His father was killed while Malcolm was still very young, possibly by white supremacists. At the detention home, he received favored treatment as a "mascot" of the white couple who operated the home , and rather than being sent on to reform school, he remained in the home through the eighth grade. When his mother became mentally ill, Malcolm was sent to a foster home. In the intervening years since leaving the eighth grade, Malcolm had forgotten how to read and write, but with Bimbi's tutelage and encouragement, he began to read and study, even taking correspondence courses in English and Latin. Finally, he asked to be transferred to the custody of his half-sister Ella, who lived in Boston. The legacy of Malcolm X and his work have inspired and informed many others in their fight for social justice and equality. At the same time, however, he was being influenced more and more by the orthodox Islam faith of the Middle East, and early in , he decided to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, the Holy City of Islam — a journey which every true Muslim must make once in his lifetime. King was highly critical of what he viewed as Malcolm X's destructive demagoguery. This is the press, an irresponsible press. They raided the mosque and randomly beat Nation of Islam members. He also sharpened his forensic skills by participating in debate classes.

He learned that his mentor and leader, Elijah Muhammad, was secretly having relations with as many as six women within the Nation of Islam organization. Thanks for watching!

Then, on a Sunday afternoon, February 21,as he began to address one such meeting, Malcolm X was assassinated.

Malcolm x was born malcolm little

This seemed unlikely, however, as both were well known to OAAU members, and they would certainly have been recognised as hostile members of the audience on that evening. As the voice of the organization he was a speech-writer, a philosopher, and an inspiring speaker who was often quoted by the media. Malcolm was not surprised that his idea failed to gain wide support, nor that African Americans did not rush to follow him into orthodox Islam as their religion. His teacher responded, "One of life's first needs is for us to be realistic His father was an outspoken Baptist preacher and both his parents were staunch supporters of Marcus Garvey, the leader of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. But his world was upset in the eighth grade when his English teacher advised him not to try to become a lawyer because he was "a nigger. Malcolm took a job in an automobile factory and began finding out all he could about the Nation of Islam. There he formed a burglary ring, with Sophia, her sister, and his friend Shorty. Malcolm made another trip to Africa and to the Middle East later in , and was again received as a visiting dignitary by the heads of state of the various nations he visited. Also, the teachings stressed that the best course for black people is to separate themselves from Western, white civilization—culturally, politically, physically, and psychologically. Read more below: None Read more about the American civil rights movement. He pressed the Nation of Islam to involve itself more in the civil rights movement during his final years in the organization.

Relations thereafter became increasingly volatile, and he was the focus of repeated attacks, by members of the Nation of Islam, unable to leave his home without bodyguards. While in prison he began to transform his life.

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Malcolm proved a valuable asset to the Nation of Islam; he was an impassioned, articulate orator and over the next decade he was largely responsible for lifting the public profile of the organisation, from an obscure movement of around to a nationally recognised political force with 30, followers.

After his assassination, the widespread distribution of his life story— The Autobiography of Malcolm X —made him an ideological hero, especially among black youth. New York: Merit Publishers, Early inhe traveled to France and England to make speaking engagements, but he was refused entry to France because he was an "undesirable.

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Work was scarce, and Malcolm's family struggled. Malcolm excelled in school, but after one of his eighth-grade teachers told him that he should become a carpenter instead of a lawyer, he lost interest and soon ended his formal education. Reprint, New York: Ballantine Books, Soon his newfound feeling of independence, coupled with his awareness of his popularity with ghetto blacks, led him to found his own organization. Soon the police department assigned undercover officers to infiltrate the Nation of Islam. Malcolm believed the "X" represented his "slave" name that was forever lost after being raised in a mainly white nation. He had just begun addressing the room when multiple men rushed the stage and began firing guns. When Malcolm was six years old, his father was mysteriously murdered.

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