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brutus downfall in julius caesar

Throughout this play, Brutus commits many faults, falls more drastically than all other characters, and regrets his previous actions by the end of the play As a director, these are some of the qualities I would look for in a character playing the role of Brutus.

A tragic hero is a character with a tragic flaw that goes from good fortune to complete misfortune in a fairly quick downfall. Brutus could also be referred to as a stoic character. Through the overpowering role of a communist government, it allows them to focus the drive of the industrial workforce into a point in order to take on jobs outsourced by other countries Brutus was a very selfish and self-centered person.

Though, as a concerned individual I also can see that the man in control, Gaius Julius Caesar, may have been bestowed limits of power that may jeopardize the entirety of Rome.

Brutus was naive and did not realize the real ways of the people he trusted. He only sees the good in others thus underestimating the threat that others pose. Brutus avoided reality by creating a world that he seen fit. He is only in a small portion of the play and does not possess a major tragic flaw; however Marcus Brutus fits the description of tragic hero much better than Julius Caesar.

Brutus, along with seven other conspirators, assassinate Caesar to prevent him from becoming king.

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The Character of Brutus in Julius Caesar Essay