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Although it occasionally clouded his mind, it did not keep him from winning great battles. I am a Creole.

san martin invaded peru because

I am a simple modest man and had one wife whom I loved dearly but did take one lover towards the end of my last campaign. Chilean exiles were welcome, and he appointed O'Higgins as his immediate subordinate.

At the end of the battle, the royalists had been trapped among the units of Las Heras in the west, Alvarado in the middle, Quintana in the east and the cavalries of Zapiola and Freire.

InArgentina called him back to help settle a dispute with Brazil that eventually would lead to the establishment of the nation of Uruguay. Royalist and Spanish forces in southern Chile had joined with reinforcements and were threatening Santiago.

They settled in France. This gave the royalists a brief advantage.

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In Januaryhe defeated a small Spanish force that had been harassing settlements on the Parana River. But it was not sent to Peru immediately: there were still rumors of an attack from Spain, and if needed the navy would move to Buenos Aires and fight the Spanish ships.

peru liberation

The Patriots crushed the Spanish army, killing some 2, capturing around 2, and seizing all of the Spanish artillery. Still covered in glory from his triumph at Chacabuco, he returned to Buenos Aires to get funds and reinforcements.

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