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Finally, I am caring and helpful. As house captain I will make sure that everything is fair by including children from both key stage 1 and key stage 2 in many of the events. We will use our house name too, because every letter stands for something special.

Get Essay I will assist teachers and students in any way possible to the best of my abilities. Thank you for listening to my speech. I will cheer you up when you,re sad I will cheer you on Sports day.

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I promise to work hard to be the effective leader that you would be proud of in the school. It is important that as students we make our own decisions and work together to make our school a better place. I have the potential to become house captain. While a technical jargon showcases your mastery of the language and may open for you unlimited opportunities in the future, at this point in time it would be advisable to speak in a language that befits a school setting. My name is Jeremiah I am hoping to be house captain for Simmonds house. I hope that anyone in any year will be able to approach me with any issues or ideas they may have. Even if we lose I am still proud of you for trying your best. Hope you choose me for house captain! The paragraphs should however be brief. I enjoy helping others and setting a good example to other students.

Using complex and complicated jargon will isolate the audience and the message will not reach its intended destination. I will organise special events to raise money for charity and I will listen to every bodies suggestions.

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This is quite obvious always use the first voice when referring to yourself and in second person when referring to the students or audience. Whilst some are fortunate to become leaders in their respective schools, others disappear into oblivion with their hopes forever shattered. Hi, my name is Jayden. Hi, my name is Daniel and I would like to be house captain for green house. Apart from that, kindly be as honest as possible in your speech. I believe I have all these qualities and if not I am more than willing to learn them in the process. I will include house tournaments for each year like … year 3 football year4 tennis and many more. I promise to dedicate myself to serving the school and especially you, my fellow students. The School Captain needs to be a respectful but also fun loving person, someone who can represent the school and its core values; Hospitality, Compassion, be responsible and respectful person. I will be a role model to you all. If I become house captain it will make my dreams come true. This maxim is also true in speeches. Please vote for me.

I always keep my promises and have the potential to be a captain and a leader. I think that we should try and give the students more of a say in what we do; that way we can feel better about things and stop complaining.

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It is important that as students we make our own decisions and work together to make our school a better place.

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