How to write a good musicians bio

The sentences that follow should be all about your music and what inspires you. So a good bio is your starting point.

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Jettison the hype. The spellcheck again! Especially if you have lots of achievements. Need some help? Learning to play the guitar at I have an example of an artist whose bio reads like a list of credentials. My business has always been to convey.

Love that you are talking about what the audience will experience. Never skip the spell check.

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What is the perfect structure for an artist bio? Not even slightly.

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But once you have it all in place, edit mercilessly. Your bio should be engaging.

How to write a good musicians bio

Artist: Not Ur Girlfrenz 2. If all someone read were the first 25 words, would that give them a true sense of who you are as an artist? For the main bio on your website, though, it may suffice to use a version of words. Choose wisely! The bio should make people excited to come see your shows. Substance always beats style. There are a lot of musicians that could say that! Curiosity trigger: Taylor Smith is a songwriter on a mission. This will help you shape a sentence or two as an introduction. It looks bad when a musician gets these terms wrong in their bio. In my bio, I talk about: Growing up in Japan, and how I came to love manga, video games, artwork, and J-pop. It should give a good picture of who you are as an artist, what kind of music you play and your top achievements shows, releases, collaborations. Well, people dance, stomp, and sing. She also has over two decades of experience writing for radio—everything from short blurbs to page artist profiles.

Editing is an important process, no matter how good a writer you may think you are.

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How to Write an Effective Musician Bio (with examples!)