How does a customer write a review on etsy

how to leave a review on etsy as a guest

Etsy posts your feedback on the site. We use 4 business days for domestic orders within any country and 10 business days for international shipments. Reviews on Etsy can only be left for items that have been sold through Etsy.

How to write a review on etsy as a guest

You can respond to buyer reviews of 3 stars or less. Hold the seller responsible for delivering what they say they will deliver and let them know you are a savvy, serious, informed buyer. As I stated before, it is not a perfect system, but it is a workable if you apply yourself. Since a wooden pallet is made of slats, there is a great danger that one of the feet slips between the slats. Other Etsy users can then view this feedback to determine whether a particular seller is reliable. Most reputable artists will have lots of information to back up their ability to deliver. If you sell an item in-person through Square, the buyer can't leave a review on Etsy. If a buyer includes a photograph of their purchase alongside a five-star review, this photo will be visible to anyone who looks at your reviews. I politely tell them I can't fulfill their order and then I immediately process a refund. Etsy was not supportive at all with the below issue. The buyer can leave a review on Square. A small sticker was attached to the side saying that the cabinet should be unpacked in the presence of the driver, otherwise there would be no guarantee claims.

There are plenty of other venues but they are not as successful nor do they have the customer base. I've been a seller for over 10 years - a reputable seller with thousands of positive feedback addressing the quality of product, responsible shipping and responsive customer service.

how to leave a review on etsy 2019

Most reputable artists will have lots of information to back up their ability to deliver. Many are the times people have made impulsive choices only to regret them later. Click Submit.

Note that you have days to leave feedback after the conclusion of a sale. Click Post your review. Note: Processing times are determined by the seller.

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If a seller responds to a review with 3 stars or less, the option to edit the original review will no longer be available.

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How to Leave a Review on Etsy