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Remember sing-song nursery rhymes? My life. Don't focus on sounding "poetic" in the beginning, though. Is it so hard for some today, to flow out from the core?? Abstract words refer to concepts or feelings. Also, the symbolism of the tomato further reinforces the happy feelings. Challenge yourself to tell a story or describe a moment in, say, no more than five lines.

Remember sing-song nursery rhymes? Then there is the Elvis festival in Parkes every January, even they have a poetry breakfast. Here's an example of an abcb rhyme scheme.

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And if it wont follow any specific schemes or types but rhymes? More than any person should ever experience in a lifetime. Warren Jones says: September 17, at am What a pleasant surprise.

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Tip 8 Subvert the Ordinary. Lisa K.

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Tip 9 Rhyme with Extreme Caution.

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7 Tips for Writing a Short Poem