Hamlet the wisdom of polonius essay

With the help of literary critical opinion, this essay will probe his character.

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This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Some adaptations show him conspiring with Claudius in the murder of King Hamlet. So when he refers to Polonius as a "tedious old fool" what else is the reader to think of this key player throughout the play Cromwell Co, Hamlet, being sure that the eavesdropper is Claudius, stabs Polonius through the curtain, calling him a rat. Arden Hamlet editor Harold Jenkins , for example, criticised the idea of any direct personal satire of Burghley as "unlikely" and "uncharacteristic of Shakespeare". Parts of Hamlet present Polonius as a fool, whose love of his own voice leads to his constant babbling. Polonius is always watching out for himself, without a care of the expense of anyone that gets in his way. What, have you given him any hard words of late? Throughout the play, Hamlet continues to insult Polonius and make him look foolish to the audience. Louis B. Polonius, father to Laertes and Ophelia in the Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet, is vitally important to this play.

Claudius is determined by his greed to commit murder. The Shakespearean audience viewed Hamlet as the protagonist of the play, and some scholars believe that Polonius served as his perfect foil.

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Character[ edit ] Father of Ophelia and Laertesand counselor to King Claudiushe is described as a windbag by some and a rambler of wisdom by others. Oakes, Elizabeth. Immediately after, Polonius foolishly echoes her cry and is stabbed by Hamlet, thinking it is Claudius.

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Cromwell Co, Although Hume Cronyn plays Polonius mostly for laughs in the Burton production, Polonius is more sinister than comic in Branagh's version. Beware Of entrance to a quarrel, but being in, Bear't that the opposed may beware of thee. In great works of literature a comic relief is used as contrast to a serious scene to intensify the overall tragic nature of the play or to relieve tension. We feel that they are living beings with problems that are perennially human. This bit suggests that the actor who played Polonius was an actor used to playing clowns much like the Fool in King Lear : not a doddering old fool, but an alive and intelligent master of illusion and misdirection. New York: G. Such systems currently. Who can live humanly without ever borrowing or lending? In Hamlet there is a foil that represents each emotion and behavior that is displayed by the main character- Hamlet. Polonius the father of Ophelia and Laertes and chief advisor to Claudius.

Ultimately, this is not shown to be a sign of weakness or cowardice upon Hamlet's part. In Hamlet there is a foil that represents each emotion and behavior that is displayed by the main character- Hamlet.

Hamlet the wisdom of polonius essay

In particular, the character of Polonius fills the role of the comic fool; he is in two essential comedic scenes, one with his own children and then one with Hamlet. It has been studied for countless years along with the concept of a patriarchal society.

hamlet essay on polonius

I'll speak to him again.

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The Roles of Polonius in The Tragedy of Hamlet Essay