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Finding the answer to that question is not as easy as you would think. Although Favreau left his position in to pursue other opportunities, there is no doubt that Obama and just about every modern politician owes a lot to the ghostwriters behind the political oratory we know and relate to every day. I started playing chess when I was a kid and became addicted. John F. Andrews is best known for her writing for teens featuring taboo family themes. After spending nearly a decade working in the health care field, Jennifer has a well-rounded knowledge of hospital functionality, medical terminology, and disease processes. How does someone make money as a ghostwriter? Book consultant Want advice about creating a saleable book? For: Tell us more about your project: Do you have a story about abuse or shocking true life? Do you get approached by people to ghostwrite for them, or do you actively seek them out? He does, however, credit his wife with helping him remember the little details.

Then call toll-free from 10am to 6pm Pacific Time, or text to: Neidermann has published over books, including a few under his own name, such as "The Devil's Advocate," which eventually became a movie starring Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino.

Do you require a celebrity autobiography? It keeps my mind sharp. Obama, known for his rhetorical skills, is no different. John F. You can definitely make a living as a ghostwriter.

Andrews and proves that ghostwriting is extremely useful for authors even after they pass away. Harry Houdini Ghostwriting is perhaps as old as the written word.

But even more importantly, we create high-quality, readable celebrity autobiographies that famous people are proud to put their names to.

Do you get approached by people to ghostwrite for them, or do you actively seek them out? Dre had Jay Z write "Still D. She enjoys working closely with clients, and loves any opportunity that allows her to indulge her creative side.

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