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By the midth century, the Thai expanded and centralized their kingdom at the expense of the Lao, Burmese, and Cambodians. With the government in a state of flux, political parties tended to cluster around strong personalities rather than political ideologies.

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Its economy is based on tourism, and palm oil and rubber plantations. It is bordered on the ne and e by Laoson the se by Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand formerly the Gulf of Siamon the s by Malaysiaon the sw by the Andaman Sea, and on the w and nw by Myanmarwith a total boundary length of 8, km 5, miof which 3, km mi is coastline.

The development of Buddhist in Thailand has been influenced by three major forces.

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All official documents are in the central Thai language and script, although English, taught in many secondary schools and colleges, is also used in official and commercial circles. The Theravada has influenced the Buddhism in Thailand especially in areas of language, sacred liturgy, and scriptures, which all involve the use of Pali. Political authority, however, has often been held by the military, which has taken power through coups. The overall population density was per sq km per sq mi , but there are great regional variations in density. In , the government estimated the number of insurgents at 10, There is no official Thai religion. The NPKC promulgated a provisional constitution, and after a brief period paved the way for a civilian interim government headed by Anand Panyarachun. However, the king is constitutionally required to be a Theravada Buddhist. In , natural gas output was estimated at billion cu ft, with demand that same year, estimated at billion cu ft. In appointing his cabinet, however, Banharn was immediately perceived as favoring the old corrupted elite, especially when he gave important ministerial posts to Montri Pongpanich and Chalerm Yubamroong, both of whom were well known for their ill-gotten wealth. Stemming from an underwater earthquake about km mi south of Indonesia 's Sumatra island, the tsunami caused more than 5, deaths and 4, injuries in Thailand. The Thai government's official policy of encouraging mountain villagers to grow coffee, apples, strawberries, kidney beans, and other temperate crops instead of the lucrative opium poppy and marijuana has had some success; another aim of the project is to discourage deforestation through slash-and-burn cultivation.

A limited insurgency subsequently developed in the North and Northeast, growing in intensity in the late s and early s as the Southeast Asian conflict raged on Thailand's northern and northeastern borders. The second major influence on Buddhism in Thai is the Hindu belief which was received from Cambodia during the Sukhothai Kingdom.

After entering the valley of the Chao Phraya River, they defeated and dispersed the Khmer settlers, ancestors of the Cambodians, and established the Kingdom of Thailand.

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Buddhism - By Maythe Thai economy stabilized and began to recover slowly despite the swirling of allegations of corruption that led to the resignation of two ministers.

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