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This is something particularly prevalent in scientific texts, the researchers say. People tend to write with consistent styles. To write their program, the team first turned to vast tranches of bylined text from a Reuters news archive and the massive email database of the bankrupt energy firm Enron.

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If the system misclassifies a particular author, then other writings by the same author will likely be misclassify the same way. This paper reveals differences on language use by genders and the factors affecting the differences. Jones, L. Fewer words can lead to more variation in accuracy, and a single sentence is unlikely to generate an accurate result. Mary Evans was a female novelist who famously wrote under the male nom de plume George Eliot. Contemporary Education Tuck, D. As mentioned in the problem statement, female and male students tend to depict different protagonists in their narrative writing. Colley also mentioned that women use more words referring to emotions more than men do. Think about again the perception, made prior, that particular writings are powered by records of key occasions that happen over the long run, occasions which the author feels are vital enough to express: a marriage, a tragic storm, a girl leaving home, the normal of work. For example, a woman who has spent 20 years working in a male-dominated field may write like her co-workers. Email can be formal, informal, or some combination. The truth about Amina Abdullah only emerged when the blogger disappeared, supposedly snatched by militiamen.

On the other hand, male students often express heroic male characters who always safe the day and in some cases these characters possess superpower. Voices of Practitioners 6, no.

There was a case when a female student created a female character that was raped and later took revenge on men.

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A simplified version of this work was implemented as the Gender Genie no longer available. Mulac et. The findings of this research could also help teachers and parents realize that they are also responsible to expose their teenage children to different topics in life so that they can write on different topics without touching on gender stereotyping.

Wardaugh mention that in discourse women often talks about food, drinks and life while men talks about politics and taxes. Over that time, their exploration has demonstrated to us that girls have a tendency to expound on subjects identified with the home and family.

On gender difference in English Language and its causes. Their approach made a distinction between fiction and non-fiction writing styles.

An introduction to sociolinguistics. Not only they are different in terms of physical, they are also different in language use.

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