Factors that influence students choose in online shopping marketing essay

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The customers cannot test the product and see them before purchasing them and there are also no face-to -face assessment or opinion of the vender. Armstrong and Kotler showed same point, said that personality has a huge influence to decide whether use it or not.

It is very useful for researchers to distinguish between people in terms of extreme categories and finer distinctions. It will analyze the different variables such as brand experience, brand loyalty, vender familiarity and dependent ability, security and private personal information protected and even though the shopping experience. Another vital issue of online shopping is security. Personality refers to our unique psychological character tics it can be described in terms of our self-confidence, sociability, defensiveness, adaptability, etc. The new customer is empowered by the Internet. Jarvenpaa, S. It is a significant portion of creating Web customer loyalty to meet e-consumers' expectations by delivering what they aware to be the advantages of shopping on line. The basic concept is that our possessions reflect our identity we are what we are. As the Bryman and Bell pointed that the main reasons for the measurement in quantitative research. Consumers around the world is different in gender, age, income, education level, living habits, and tastes, when they purchase the product they show an incredible difference, those consumer purchase behaviors could be influenced by many factors, such as cultural, personal, social and psychological. In the customers-oriented business philosophy, the business will be the leader because of touching customers mind in today's competitive market even though in the virtual business world. Some data will be unusable for a number of reasons, such as having failed to complete the all questions, or not fitting the open questions. It is namely that the researchers can pass the information to the third party. As Jayawardhena et al.

Hofstede, Hofstede produced five different dimensions that classifies different cultures, and his dimensions are relevant to this literature review on consumer buying behaviors: Individualism and collectivism, has been studied as the patterns of buying is different cultures that fall within either individualism or collectivism categories.

As Windham and Orton pointed that a group of new customers which defined that people who facilitate the consumption process including identifying needs, buying products and services, answering questions, and resolving problems by using the Internet.

Due to the proliferation of online shopping, several studies pay more attention on e-consumer behaviour Dennis et al.

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The aim of the research will find out the behaviour and the characteristics of e-customers. Many Internet users now looking for and research products online, but they may buy through offline channels such as in-store.

The most Web consumers choose to spend on specific Web site; the desired benefits will be delivered when they have a reasonable expectation.

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What Factors Influence The Consumers Buying Behavior Marketing Essay