Essay about light pollution

People must initiate certain protocols in their homes in order to gain the dark necessary for sleep. Urban Sky Glow is the brightening of the night sky. All these factors are very harmful to ecosystems and should come to a stop.

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Research question How can new approaches in design reduce the problem of light pollution? Individuals believe that since it is stated somewhere important, like a newspaper, that it has value and needs more understanding.

The process still continues today, with little thought ever given to what we are stealing away. This can stop marine plants receiving enough light for photosynthesis.

Causes of light pollution

Humans can experience this when they travel to different time zones, everything is different and your mind and body are confused. Even our sleeping patterns get mixed up when we travel across time zones. The pollution creates the constant exposure to light which has a huge impact on the photosynthesis of a plant. This leads to sky glow. This variety of pollution is called light pollution or photo pollution. Of course not for everyone making a change is easy, mostly because we all have our personal habits, for example, most people like to have a late night snack or some people have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Residence near the town could see the daytime Light Pollution Essay words - 12 pages Light pollution happened slowly at first which was several decades ago it was a process that was hardly noticeable. Other sources that cause the pollution, both indoor and outdoor, are: car alarms, emergency service sirens, office equipment factory, barking dogs, appliances, fireworks, compressed air horns, construction work, grounds keeping equipment, audio entertainment systems, and even noisy people.

The light gets reflected and masks the background stars and cases a hazy glow over the night sky. As there are many buildings scattered in Hong Kong, artificial lighting is omnipresent.

sources of light pollution

Glare from street-lights, car-yard and security lights can shine directly into the eyes and cause discomfort. Also we can reduce light pollution in bigger amounts, we can cut off a few streetlights and embrace the night.

Not only does this light provide no useful illumination, it also becomes a source of pollution to our night sky. However, if the lightening system is poorly designed and reached a excessive level, it will lead to a huge waste Of energy and money.

Conclusion of light pollution

To examine the potential effects of light illuminance levels on people at different times of the day 3. The total amount of electrical energy can illuminate over 11 million homes and power over Which leads to broken nights and a bad sleeping patterns. The light gets reflected and masks the background stars and cases a hazy glow over the night sky. A lot of different animals are affected by light pollution. The severe light pollution reduces the number of stars that are visible in the sky. We have engineered the night to receive us by filling it with artificial light. This essay will outline this phenomenon and impact, and give the possible solutions. Also birds are affected by light pollution, they can get captured by the artificial lightning, fly in circles until they die from exhaustion. Us humans have a hormone called melatonin. Light pollution is the pollution caused by misplaced artificial light. The light pollution disrupts our ecosystem and has adverse health issues like stress, anxiety and insomnia. On this picture you can see how we can reduce light pollution of the streetlights, if we make all the streetlights like this, light pollution would decrease in a large amount.

Also, sea turtles do not come to shore and nest as often, because they are afraid of the lights. If the hatchlings hatch, they end up crawling toward artificial light sources because of the same instinctive cue that leads them to the ocean on beaches without any artificial light

Essay about light pollution
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