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Wolenski eds. As a consequence, human behavioral ecologists are less interested in discovering proximal cognitive mechanisms than in checking whether the behavior they trigger is actually adaptive a strategy known as phenotypic gambit.

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Barrett, H. Irons, William Speaking about the EEA is thus at least misleading, since strictly speaking one has to distinguish between the EEA of a species and the EEA of particular cognitive adaptations.

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This debate hangs on how the empirical tests come out. Evolutionary Psychologists adopt the kind of adaptationist reasoning well known from evolutionary biology that also characterizes many works in sociobiology Wilson Vickers, A. In contrast, feminist philosophers have paid attention to this integration issue as well as offering feminist critiques of evolutionary psychology see Fehr , Meynell and the entry on feminist philosophy of biology. Evolutionary Psychology Explains Behavioral Skills At its most basic level, evolutionary psychology explains skills that we consider to be relatively simple and common to most humans, such as language. Because humans are mostly adapted to Pleistocene environments, psychological mechanisms sometimes exhibit "mismatches" to the modern environment. They argued that the content effect found in Wason Selection Tasks is due to the fact that some tasks involve a social contract rule. Jones, O. The first was accompanied by a story according to which the inhabitants of a Polynesian island have strict sexual mores that prohibit sex between unmarried people and thus mark married men with a facial tattoo and do not permit unmarried men to eat cassava root, which is a very powerful aphrodisiac. In brief, evolutionary psychologists maintain that there is an analogy between organs and psychological mechanisms or modules.

Rellihan, M. Cashdan and philosophers see e.

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Heaney, et al. Yet, although culture is a Darwinian force in its own right, they argue, there is no substantial analogy between cultural and biological evolution.

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He was soundly shouted down by a loud chorus of protesters that basically said that Wilson wanted to reduce society to the laws of genetics. There are huge numbers of empirical hypotheses that bear on our conception of our moral psychology that demand philosophical scrutiny.

The massive modularity thesis is first and foremost a thesis about cognitive architecture.

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Cashdan and philosophers see e. The claim that the brain is an adaptation for producing adaptive behavior does not entail that it is currently producing adaptive behavior. Buss [55] notes that these methods include: Cross-cultural Consistency. Usually I spend hours surfing, and by the time I find something, I'm tired. He was even doused with a bucket of ice water by students at a lecture he gave. This requires the acceptance of evolutionary theory. As a result, it is quite consistent to argue, as Buller does, that many human traits may still be under selection and yet reasonably be called adaptations. Plutynski eds. He gave subjects a rule of the form "If P, then Q" for example, "If a person goes to Boston, then that person takes the subway" , and showed them four cards. Tooby and Cosmides a, 45 Evolutionary Psychologists are thus not claiming that human behavior or culture is the same everywhere. While it is true that evolutionary functional analysis can lend itself to just-so story telling, this is not the most interesting problem that confronts evolutionary psychology, several other interesting problems have been identified.

For a criticism of Cosmides and Tooby's work on cheater detection and for further references see Buller— Evolutionary psychology and cognitive neuropsychology are mutually compatible — evolutionary psychology helps to identify psychological adaptations and their ultimate, evolutionary functions, while neuropsychology helps to identify the proximate manifestations of these adaptations.

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