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Once a member becomes a full time independent sales person, their pay will be based on a commission of their sales. A feasibility study will typically produce all of the information found in this section, and will prove invaluable in providing supporting data for the financial figures.

Personal Sales Efforts The Sales staff is one of the most important parts of this business. The answer to the first question is that a cold storage facility will serve an unfilled or underserved need.

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Do the numbers work? Competitor Analysis The analysis of the intended market competition is a very difficult yet delicate process. Its mission is to be the premier lender to the commercial fishing, agriculture, timber, tourism and resource based industries in Alaska.

The storage temperature determines the amount of time product may be stored at a desired level of quality, and temperature fluctuations are also an issue. The SBA business plan provides guidance on how to develop this section.

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Consultants provide guidance, but the ultimate decision must come from the facility owner. An important consideration in the concept phase is that the operation expenses are likely to be higher than they would be under full production.

This type of warehousing solution will then in turn spread by word of mouth, and the trend for turnkey automation will grow very quickly as an easy and inexpensive solution to the dilemma of staying modern and competitive.

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This entails going to every customers warehouse, overseeing and directing installation themselves, and talking with the operators of the system in depth.

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