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This is a good style to use when you want to show count information such as the number of female single-parent households shaded by a rate such as the rate of female single-parent households.

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To change how colors are applied to the data, adjust the bounding handles along the color ramp. To change the overall transparency of the layer, move the Transparency slider to the left less transparent or the right more transparent. You can also manually set the visible range. To adjust the transparency of numeric values per feature, click Attribute Values, choose an attribute field, optionally choose an attribute to divide by for normalizing the dataand set precise transparency values.

Category y

Relationship and Size Map Viewer allows you to explore your data in different ways through a variety of smart mapping styles. Compare A to B This style allows you to map the ratio between two numbers and express that relationship as percentages, simple ratios, or overall percentage.

For example, you could use proportional symbols to show the total population of cities.

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To style features by predominant category and size, do the following: Follow the first four steps in the Change style workflow. Choose an attribute to show. Dart 2. Dart support for maps is provided by map literals and the Map type. Relationship and Size Use the Relationship and Size map style to see the relationship between numeric attributes in your point, line, or polygon feature data. Follow the first four steps in the Change style workflow. Features whose predominant percentage value is above the upper handle value high values are drawn with the same transparency darker or less transparent. As with the Relationship style, this style applies distinct graduated color ramps to the classified data in two attributes and then combines the color ramps to show relationships between the attributes. For more information, see the list spread operator and list collection operator discussions. Set or map? Two strings are equivalent if they contain the same sequence of code units.

Do any of the following: To choose a different color ramp or change other graphic parameters, such as line width and outline pattern, click Symbols and change the settings. In addition, by applying proportional symbols to the layer, you can compare total crop production across counties, visualizing which counties have high total crop production and which have a lower yield.

Functions as first-class objects You can pass a function as a parameter to another function.

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To learn more about relationship smart mapping, explore this story map. Dart 2.

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