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The Government believes the problem can be controlled in a stroke of the pen but that is impossible whether by our scheme or legislation. It is not an exaggeration to say that we are blaming the mirror for what we see in it. As this reaction enters its third year, it is time to step back and offer some critical perspective and an assessment of where free expression fits into this picture. As these activities are aggregated into large-scale, public commercial platforms, however, they become highly visible to the public and generate storable, searchable records. There will certainly have to be statutory controls and I am urgently considering what form they should take. I have encountered people in the legal profession who would like to bring a human-rights lawsuit against Facebook. The Death of Democracy. The expansion of literacy from a tiny elite to the general population scared a lot of conservatives. Protestants had split with Catholics, and later, different Protestant sects formed around different interpretations of scripture. These filters vastly improve the value of a platform to a user, but they also indirectly shape what people see, read, and hear. The indications are that reasonable may only mean months. The "mods and rockers" conflict was explored as an instance of moral panic by sociologist Stanley Cohen in his study Folk Devils and Moral Panics, [25] which examined media coverage of the mod and rocker riots in the s. Sean Patrick Hier Abingdon: Routledge,

How much more comforting it was to focus on a foreign power and its use of social media than to face up to the realities of a politically polarized America and the way politicians and their crews peddle influence to a variety of foreign states and interests.

Given the current hue and cry about all the bad things people are seeing and doing on social media, a legally driven, permissive First Amendment standard does not seem like it would make anyone happy. A controlled, censored press?

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From a pure free-expression standpoint, a First Amendment approach would be a good thing. The human activities that are coordinated through social media, including negative things such as bullying, gossiping, rioting, and illicit liaisons, have always existed. One of the most destructive aspects of moral panics is that they frequently direct outrage at a single easily identified target when the real problems have more complex roots. In advancing what they think of as sophisticated claims that social media are being weaponized, the joke is on our putative cybersecurity experts: it is Russian and Chinese doctrine that the free flow of information across borders is a subversive force that challenges their national sovereignty. According to Cohen, these groups were labeled as being outside the central core values of consensual society and as posing a threat to both the values of society and society itself, hence the term "folk devils". In searching for an explanation of what initially seemed inexplicable, however, the nexus between the election results, Russian influence operations, and social media has become massively inflated. The way to prolong and promote such engagement, we are told, is to steer the user to increasingly extreme content. Comic books generated a media panic in the s and 50s. This is already abundantly clear from the cries of discrimination and bias as the platforms ratchet up content moderation: the cries come from both the left and the right in response to moderation that is often experienced as arbitrary. It is not an exaggeration to say that we are blaming the mirror for what we see in it. Purveyors of the panic distort factual evidence or even fabricate it to justify over reactions to the perceived threat. The most common proposals for fixing social media platforms all seem to ask the platforms to engage in more content moderation and to ferret out unacceptable forms of expression or behavior. It seems to have escaped the intense, concentrated panic we are seeing around contemporary social media, but in the United States, where broadcasting had relatively free and commercial origins, those in power felt threatened by its potential to evolve into an independent medium.

Facebook disabled the accounts of the military propagandists once it understood the consequences of their misuse, although this happened much more slowly than critics would have liked.

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Major advertisers come down hard on the social platforms very quickly when their pitches are associated with crazies, haters, and blowhards, leading to algorithmic adjustments that suppress marginal voices.

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Notes 1 Milton L. At its worst, this focus on the platform rather than the actor promotes the dangerous idea that government should regulate generic technological capabilities rather than bad behavior. We propose to introduce legislation to deal with the most serious of these problems, such as the dangerous spread of violent and obscene video cassettes.

moral panics: the social construction of deviance
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Moral Panic: Who Benefits From Public Fear?