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Our Partnerships Writing as Instructional Practice We should think less about teaching students to write, and more about how we might use writing in our classrooms in the interest of learning. This cue card can help me to remember what to think about as I start writing: Think of a good first sentence. Teacher: Okay, now that you've taken a good look at that celery stalk, I want you to think about one interesting idea about celery that you want to write about today. In order to give students this recognition, consider developing a class newsletter that is student-driven, composed of student writing on student concerns, and put together by classmates in a desktop publishing program. Prepare and discuss a detailed description for each major assignment: your expectations; a helpful writing process; clear due dates to meet goals of process. Teacher: Good! When leaning in to guide an individual writer, teachers must decide whether they are calling the student's attention to composing or transcribing processes or perhaps prompting the student to use a strategy to maintain fluency. Sean's story about bats, for example see Figure 1 , was written during a guided writing session and supported by a discussion of a section of the book Bat Loves the Night by Nicola Davies.

Instead, teachers should make intentional, thoughtful decisions about which students are in need of a "shot in the arm" regarding writing at any point in time. Present and emphasize the features of writing that are important to you and to the genre of writing you are assigning.

I'm going to tell how Velcro works. This cue card can help me to remember what to think about as I start writing: Think of a good first sentence.

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That's what I'm going to do right now. Teachers and students should then discuss ways in which students can integrate this strategy into their own writing.

Kim's Writing Kim: I said about the veins. And if you are interested in more, you should follow our Facebook page where we share more about creative, non-boring ways to teach English. Require multiple drafts.

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Teachers should prompt for the in-the-moment writing work in which a student needs to engage. What do people want to know about leaves and oxygen?

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Did you hear where I put the comma? Each student demonstrated a strong, clear shift to a more active and strategic stance for writing, thus supporting expanded knowledge of language use for composing, for text and sentence structure, for phonemic awareness, and for orthography. Go ahead and write! Also, frequent mini-lessons are used to focus on specific areas of writing such as procedures using a folder , strategies such as using books to inspire topics , qualities of good writing, and skills p. Teacher: Think about what your readers would want to know. Children need explicit scaffolding, constructed within expertly delivered instructional conversations that address the language, knowledge, and strategies required for problem solving in writing. This pattern can be broken by using writing as part of the learning process—a typical classroom activity, rather than as a form of performance or testing. It takes continue practice over time, much like mastering an instrument or foreign language or sport—analogies I like to emphasize to students. First, snap it in two. Feedback evaluates what the writer has already written. As students completed their hands-on examination of a celery stalk, for example, the following discussion supported their construction of an informative title for their own text.

This forces students to accept the format and procedure prescribed by the teacher. Guided writing provides an important context for teachers' in-the-moment assessment and immediate instructional scaffolding of students' construction of their own, individual texts.

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Kim: I could say about oxygen.

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How to Teach Writing Skills: 6 Best Practices