At the night market essay

At the night market essay

The litter and food waste will be left on the road. I would stand at the top of the stairs listening to the loud voices, vulgar words, and an occasional crashing of a glass against a wall. Night market is a spectacular and colourful market. Last but not least, to maintain the cleanliness, health and safety is to abide all the rules and precautions drawn by the school authorities. Most of the products sold here were always dirt cheap compare with those in supermarket or department store. Change attitude Try to complete as much homework as possible during school hours Make a To do list Set priorities right Set a realistic target for examination Plan a personal timetable Make time for rest and relaxation Join study groups Seek help from parents, teachers or friends Speak to school counsellor When writing the article, you should remember to: include the title Include all the points given Write in the format of an article make sure it is not less than words. Many of them really do not manage their time wisely and end up not completing their homework or school projects on time. These temporary stalls sell all manners of useful household goods, food and drinks. The Jews had to go through many sufferings, one of the major ones being deprived of every such thing that could possibly… Words - Pages 5 Night Essay mentally handicapped, and crippled,. Some Malay traders do also sell some Chinese or Indian concept of food. Crowds are walking up and down in an endless stream. Rules are not meant to be broken. Cars spill over everywhere from the parking area to the roadsides. They must remember that sometimes changes may require them to sacrifice a lot.

It seems like the whole community is there. From a distance the lamps seemed to add brilliance to the living sea of human bodies that had congregated at the market.

Elie Wiesel is a Jew who went through the terror of the holocaust and its concentration camp. The rainbow-coloured parasols also colour up the night market. They really need to make some profits each night. So, here I would like to give some suggestions to students on how to manage their time wisely. Improve your writing skill and become an effective writer. The difference is the market starts in the evening whereas the wet market starts in the morning. The people walked in an endless stream.

Then a few stalls away, traditional medicine sellers promote their medicine. As Europe came out of the 20th century and the aftermath of World War I… Words - Pages 7 Night Essay Night Essay Imagine not knowing when the next time you would eat again or when you would see daylight.

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Some of them are stopping by the stalls and haggling before making purchases. Come on! You are able to find the night markets only one to a few days of the week at one residential area.

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The difference is the market starts in the evening whereas the wet market starts in the morning. When we walk along the row of food stalls, the aroma of freshly cooked food filled the air. Do not forget to make time for rest and relaxation. It is almost as same as the wet market. Crowds are walking up and down in an endless stream. Never shall I forget that smoke. Cheap sale! National Trend In Road Accident Road fatalities, serious injuries, road accidents source: Royal Malaysian Police For latest accident data records ; refer Table A , a casualty refer Table B for traffic accident Royal Malaysia Police includes 6, fatalities, 9, serious injured and 19, light injuries. Night market is a one stop place whereby many stalls sell goods such as local food, fruits, vegetables, toys, clothes, shoes, and many more at cheaper prices, where at least the items are cheaper.

Furthermore, there will be many sellers come to set up their own stalls to sell their own various types of goods. There are different kinds of coloured plastic goods and so on.

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