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Everybody treated me as an outsider; they never really trusted me all that much. Sure, they had nice illustrations on them. This is supposed to be a 'service' industry. Not much of a design process to entertain people any more.

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Eventually, I started to include imagery found or created and the larger design interest emerged from that. Then I have to sell it to the client. Bruce Pavitt nailed it. That makes us very, very dangerous people, too. I use the magic at my disposal to manipulate that viewer into changing their mind about something. Those decisions are made by the spirit and personality and thinking of the client and their needs not necessarily their demands. I used a photo of my grandfather that had been partially burned. How deep do you expect the observer to read into your work? A sample of Rocket covers that Chantry art directed between and A digital prepress person needs to be able to convert the way they think into the way I think and how that pertains to printing. It attempts to compile the contributions of all of these people and subcultures into a seamless and unrecognized at least by academia history of visual culture. We ran the pattern on the inside of the cover as well. What was your favorite project? But the paradigm has dramatically shifted in just a few short years.

What I do can just barely be considered 'graphic design' anymore. Monsters of Ink is a series where we talk to some of the artists and designers, both legends and legends-to-be, whose contributions ascribe the visual language of modern music. They are still using this style as their brand all these years later.

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I had a kid write the alphabet for me several times and used that as my typeface. The fear of decision-making in the corporate 'culture' is what leads to 'legal' being the final say-so in every silly aspect of the process. It became a joke. They were the same nobodies you see on punk posters stapled to telephone poles in your hometown. It was all our playing around with old-fashioned BAD design. This poster was for a performance of Macbeth set in the time of the old west cattle barons. And vice versa.

I give respect to those who give me respect. Different dialogues with different discussions about different things.

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