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The European masses supported the north.

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Larger man power. They proved to be head-and-shoulders above Northern generals. England went through a famine and heavily relied on the grain of the north more then on the cotton of the south. Sumter, S. He proclaimed the blockade, arbitreraly increased teh size of the federal army.

The were critical for either side, since they would've greatly increased the South's population and industrial capabilities.

Apush chapter 20 notes brinkley

They collectively could buy bonds and back paper money. Austrian Archduke Maximilian was named as Mexico's emperor. King Corn and King Wheat beat him out. Too near Washington. Customs receipts likewise proved to be important revenue-raisers. They were connected through railroads. The North had many advantages… The population favored the North over the South by about a ratio. The saying was born: "a rich man's war but a poor man's fight. He ordered a naval blockade of Southern ports. Lincoln certainly had his troubles too. Oil was discovered in Pennsylvania. Rich man were allowed to buy their way out and if you were a slave owner or an overseer you were excused from service. Lincoln had a calculated victory because thsi have the north the morale to fight to keep the south.

Many in Europe actually wanted the U. They collectively could buy bonds and back paper money.

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The provisions were grossly unfair to the poor. This could have erupted in war between the north and England. Being surrounded by unfriendly Southerners, it'd have to either replenish its supplies or give itself over to the Confederacy. They proved to be head-and-shoulders above Northern generals. At his inauguration, Lincoln made clear the primary goal of his presidency—bring the nation back together. They had largely already moved against slavery and realized that the war might end slavery in the U. He felt his steps were simply needed due to the split nation and emergency-like situation.

They were connected through railroads. During a war, a state might not follow the strategy, or might not send troops or money or anything else.

apush chapter 22 outline

Down South, Sally Tompkins did the same. Northern ship stopped the British ship Trent in Cuba and forcibly took 2 Southerners. New machinery benefited production greatly.

It was the 1st national banking system since Andrew Jackson had killed the Bank of the U.

apush chapter 20 notes brinkley
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