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They return to find Celia in a sorry state, having just buried Felicia and lost her son, Javier he runs off to the mountains, no forwarding address. After he leaves Cuba to return to Spain, Celia despairs.

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Finally, they have a son named Javier, who is born eight years after Felicia. These help to fill in gaps in the family's history, as well. Celia acutely feels the absence of her granddaughter in Cuba, and she is saddened by the nomadic existence of her children, but she is powerless to change these things.

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Over the course of her father's illness, Lourdes has a constant desire for food and sex. Though she has no known medical condition, she wastes away due to depression. Pilar grows up with a longing to return to her grandmother in Cuba without knowing the reality of life in Cuba beyond her memories. Lourdes uses the exile as an attempt to ignore her past in Cuba and bury the memory of her rape. Eventually, Felicia's mental state deteriorates to the point where she tries to kill Ivanito and herself with drugged ice cream. The Next Best Thing. Although a married man living in Spain, the affair with Gustavo impacts Celia the rest of her life.

Lourdes tries to resist, but one of the soldiers rapes her at knifepoint. She drops out of high school and drifts from job to job until she meets Hugo Villaverde. Mothers and daughters seem largely unable to connect, as nothing is able to close the distance between Lourdes and Celia, and Lourdes and Pilar are also divided by a lack of understanding.

His health gradually fails and he is hospitalized. A couple years later, a second daughter named Felicia is born.

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