An overview of singapore and the pap government

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Chen, P. The party members comprised people from different backgrounds including both professionals and blue-collar workers. Google Scholar Barr, Michael, D.

Saxena, N. Yew Hock's government again made a sweeping round of arrests, imprisoning all the "communist" members, before the "moderates" re-assumed their office.

This issue caused a rift between the "moderate" PAP members led by Lee and the "left-wing" faction led by Lim. Antinatalist measures introduced by the PAP government from to promote two-child families included monetary incentives and disincentives, family planning services and large-scale public campaigns.

In his memoirs, Lee wrote: We had been asked to leave Malaysia and go our own way with no signposts to our next destination. SG is launched. Call no. Vasil, R. Singapore, World Scientific. When we took the oath of office […] in Junewe all wore white shirts and white slacks to symbolise purity and honesty in our personal behaviour and our public life.

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