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When you start going down to the chair of finance and some of the other members are all ALEC members, in fact the ALEC co-chair for the state — row by row you can point out people who have been members of ALEC over the years.

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Especially in a time like this when our national government is polarized, paralyzed, and dysfunctional and an obstinate minority is determined to keep it that way. You know, ALEC, this organization that's usually been, you know, very much behind the scenes, sort of the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain.

The HKH Foundation. The couch that in the living room was my bed and my brother's bed.

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The bill made having such sex without disclosure a criminal offense, even when HIV was not transmitted. Bowman, a former lobbyist, says, "No, because we're not advocating any positions. Its legislators get a lot too. And it is my greatest honor to introduce you to Dr. Legislative staffers in the Christie administration had "mined ALEC for advice on budgetary matters, Medicaid changes and privatizing government services And that couch was pushed up against a window overlooking the front porch. MARK POCAN: This is part of a national conservative movement […] that's involved in all 50 states, that introduces the same cookie cutter legislation state by state on behalf of their corporate paid members. I mean that's the heart of what we are as a democracy, and what ALEC seems to be doing is taking public education and legislation and privatizing them. The smart players put their money in states.

At least three days after Schaecher was known to have been lobbying legislators, the ALEC asbestos liability bill was introduce on January 15 as HB Put that in there. I can't take a cup of coffee from a lobbyist.

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And Catherine T. And it is my greatest honor to introduce you to Dr.

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I have some confidence that they're not being flimflammed. We don't tell members to take these bills. A candid video caught him talking about it with one of his financial backers, a billionaire businesswoman, Diane Hendricks. Photo: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images That ready-made legislation comes in the form of so-called model bills. Their companies and foundations have been ALEC members and funders for years. The Oregon co-chairman of ALEC, Gene Whisnant , described the organization in as a "great resource" for part-time legislators with limited staff resources. They found: hundreds of corporations, from Coca-Cola and Koch Industries to ExxonMobil, Pfizer, and Walmart; dozens of right-wing think tanks and foundations; two dozen corporate law and lobbying firms; and some thousand state legislators — a few of them Democrats, the majority of them Republican. And that was our game, to see how far we could make the rat fly. And its efforts produce some hundreds of new state laws each year. That changed in March , when a gunshot sounded in the Florida night. And we knew there was a rat going to get up on the top up there. I said, "I need to go back and start organizing the migrant workers and try to follow the lessons of the Civil Rights Movement to speak for people and organize them so they can speak for themselves. In fact, ALEC operates not as a lobby group, but as a nonprofit… a charity. ALEC had never even been subjected to scrutiny on national television until the documentary report we broadcast last fall. LISA GRAVES: I was stunned at the notion that politicians and corporate representatives, corporate lobbyists, were actually voting behind closed doors on these changes to the law before they were introduced in statehouses across the country.
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What is ALEC? American Legislative Exchange Council is model