An analysis of performance appraisals at sears

the employee-customer-profit chain at sears summary

Inthere had been no real alternative—the company was teetering on the edge. At the November meeting later that year, Martinez wanted to know how the five strategic priorities were progressing, and a general discussion followed.

If Sears was to undergo a transformation—if attitudes and behavior were to change and a new sense of urgency and purpose were to spread through the company—senior management as a whole would have to take the lead.

self appraisal conclusion

The message came back that they had to do both. How do we compete? Perhaps it is for the same reason that Sears has developed a plan to assess and change the attitude of its employees towards their jobs and the company as well.

Sears model

Pfeffer, Jeffrey. The goal of learning maps is economic and business literacy—but business literacy in the service of the larger goal of behavioral change. At our current after-tax margin and price-earnings ratio, those extra revenues increase our market capitalization by nearly one-quarter of a billion dollars. Even after years of turmoil, Americans had a positive, trusting image of Sears as a good, honest place to shop. That cultural change is now spreading through the company. Much of it was hollow, however, and it often seemed that no one at headquarters had been listening to customers. It looks like a simple communication challenge, but it is a good deal more. As a rule, the to people in the second management layer take the answers to those questions on faith. Moreover, the maps demonstrate that we trust employees to reach their own sound conclusions. Accordingly, the company made huge investments to educate everyone about the model. People know that change is required because they can easily remember when pieces of the sky were raining on their heads.

Second, it was a formula made up of leading, not lagging, indicators. Martinez decreed that Sears would accept all major credit cards instead of limiting itself to Discover and the Sears card.

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An Analysis of Performance Appraisals at Sears