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All the people in town already see the veil related to the devil or something gloomy like him, yet Mr.

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The veil causes children to flee and others to peep behind gravestones to get a look at his face. In his review of Twice-Told TalesPoe also reveals a disdain for allegory, a tool which Hawthorne uses extensively.

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He has realizes that symbolically everyone can be found in the shadow of their own dark veil Even if Milford is full of gossips, there are also loyal, honest people, like Elizabeth. The parson is still wearing his black veil, even while he conducts the sermon for the funeral; however, the townspeople still thinks abstract thoughts about of their parson. Hooper whose simple change in appearance alters the very nature of his existence in society till his death. Hooper has an effect on people by wearing the veil and he uses it to express his original purpose. He can't understand why everyone judges him differently just because of his black veil. While Poe proposed this, Hawthorne never lets the reader know the reasoning behind the veil. The woman speaks of the parson as being ghostlike or even dead just because Hopper is wearing the mysterious black veil. Hooper believed that sin is a part of nature and it is a natural thing to be sinners. The Black Veil represents the thought of the puritans that sin was an inexcusable mistake, the secret sin and dark side in each individual, and he uses …show more content… Hooper evil although he was the same person behind the veil. Hawthorne develops the theme of hidden sins through his main character, Mr.

Hooper continues to believe in the necessity of his choice, perhaps because of his belief that he will be rewarded for his suffering in Heaven or the need for him to communicate his message to the community. Hooper tries to teach a lesson. Many people do not understand or even accept the veil over his face.

Hooper begs her not to leave him, and asks her to try to understand him, insisting that he will only wear his veil on earth, that in the hereafter they will be united without the veil between them.

The narrator's credibility tends to be questionable because it is not a direct source. Hooper also reveals another reason why he wears the veil: he is willing to endure loneliness in his earthly life because he believes in the rewards of Heaven.

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