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The consequences of the discrimination that is shown throughout the lesson could be highly harmful to a young childs impressionable mind.

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Children these days have a different set of values and norms than did the children of , and I think the experiment would have to be updated to reflect those changes. On the first day the dominant was blue eyes they were dominant because they were showing signs of happiness and signs of power. This glimpse into how society could be without racism, discrimination, and bigotry is an astonishing insight into what we should be striving towards instead of still holding onto the unfortunate American value of racism and discrimination against others who are different. Two of the children, who were good friends up until this day, got into a physical squabble. Rich children ate well at the cafeteria while the rest of us ate once and ate local made food that was not healthy called akara and boli At recess, the brown-eyed children seem so miserable standing off to the side of the playground. This happened again vice versa when brown eyed people were smarter, brown eyed people performed better. Both Of the superior eye colors were quick to fall into discriminating against one another just because they were told that the other eye color was bad. Initially both surprised and embarrassed by the gesture, her emotions quickly changed once she removed the wrapping. Personally, I think that what Jane Elliot did was amazing and ahead of her time. It is a successful example of just how much the Social Structure Origin of Prejudice can affect our children and their actions. Self-esteem involves evaluations of self-worth. On both days, children who were designated as inferior took on the look and behavior of genuinely inferior students, performing poorly on tests and other work.

The biggest impact from seeing the video is that it shows how easily discrimination can be taught to a young impressionable child. The dysfunction that arises from the children being forcibly segregated and pitted against each other is apparent and obvious.

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Following the assassination of Dr. The hospice worker drove a Plymouth Voyager that she regularly complained about not being able to run properly for more than a week On the other hand, brown-eyed students had to use a paper cup to get water from the fountain, unable to play with blue-eyed children, obligated to stay off the playground equipment, and required to wear green collars around their necks to be easily distinguishable.

The Middle Classes people were e.

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The poem gives modern readers some insight into the Anglo-Germanic way of life. She also shows marginalization with purposeful deconstruction of the minority groups self-esteem, by simply not allowing them to have as much at lunch, or rebuking them constantly with ambiguous statements applied to the group as a whole. Elliot talked to the students of what discrimination is and told that blue eyes are better everything. The classes are divided by the job performed, based on economic background. It is division of a large group of society and their unequal access to resources. Martin Luther King Jr. Children these days have a different set of values and norms than did the children of , and I think the experiment would have to be updated to reflect those changes. She shows legislative controls in the forced segregation during recess, and by denying the minority group certain rights in the classroom. I grew up in a country where class was distinct. An important point of the exercise was shown with the little boy admitting that he did not feel any better having acted out in violence. For example: How long one can expect to live.

Author: Brandon Johnson. This means that if you were born towards the bottom of the socioeconomic spectrum, you would have a better chance of ascending to a higher class if you were born in several Western European countries as oppose to if you were born in the United States.

That was the change that happened in the classroom society.

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Embarrassment changed to confusion as she attempted to wrap her mind around what she had received. The effects that happened immediately were the brown eyed students were flabbergasted and angry that they are being discriminated just like that. Works Cited Bucher, R. Giddens, A. Personally, I think that what Jane Elliot did was amazing and ahead of her time. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. The person becomes more ruling, performs better at various activities. At the end of the day, Elliot asks the children how the experience made them feel, and if they thought people should be discriminated against just because of the color of their skin, or eyes, and they replied no. On the second day, the roles were reversed and the blue-eyed children were made to feel inferior while the brown eyes were designated the dominant group. It classified the. So she put her students to the test on how they would take the situation. The documentary is an eye opener to the world of racism and discrimination. Perhaps after I calm myself down, I may change my perspective and feel thankful to Elliott. On this particular day, the blue-eyed people were better than the brown-eyed people.

Conflict perspective is who was dominant in the society change, what their behavior was and the weaker behavior. Elliott permitted blue-eyed students to get extra recess time, drink from the water fountain, have seconds at lunch, and play on the playground equipment.

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